The Priceless Value of Dash Cams

Falcon Zero F360 review

In the UK, installing a dash cam in your car can cut your insurance cost by up to 20%, which is matched by similar discounts in the States and other countries as well! Insurers argue that having one of these devices makes it easy to evaluate a traffic incident and get a clearer picture of what actually happened.

About 3,500 miles east of the UK, Russian motorists can’t seem to get enough of dash cams. If you spend just a little time online you’ll come across dozens of dash cam videos from Russia, including clips of meteor explosions captured from various angles by different dash cams.
Epic as that is, it’s not the main reason why they have dash cams in their vehicles. Russia is known for its lax traffic law enforcement and most of the time decisions will not go your way even if you are actually innocent and have concrete first-hand accounts of an incident. That’s why drivers use dash cams – to safeguard themselves from inaccurate litigation.

Now it’s Your Turn

Falcon Zero F360Is it time for car owners from other countries to learn from Russia and the UK? Absolutely! In the US, for example, many motorists fall victim to bad drivers. Incidences of hit-and-run are very common, and often when they happen it is the innocent motorist who will pay.
Some drivers will not even run, they will cause an accident and deny it right in your face. Since authorities mostly rely on eye witness accounts (among other investigative methods), there’s never a guarantee that you’ll be cleared even if you are in fact the victim. But if you have a dash cam you have your lifesaver right there in your car.

While American insurers might not offer discounts for having dash cams, they will certainly find it easier to investigate claims and make compensations. That’s another workload off your shoulders. Beyond that, you will find it very easy to record and save videos and pictures of your road trips. T
hat’s a priceless addition to anybody who loves the occasional getaway. Whether that’s you or not, one dash cam that will serve you effectively well regardless of your primary motivation for installing it is the Falcon Zero F360+ Dual dash cam.

Falcon Zero F360+ HD DVR Dual 1080P Multiple-vehicle

If you know the Falcon zero brand then you know any dash cam coming from them is an amazing addition to your car. The F360+ is no different. In fact, it could be superior to other dash cams from the same manufacturer. Here’s a brief look at what it has to offer:
Dual lens: this dash cam records the road ahead as well as the inside of your car simultaneously.

Multi-vehicle: this is perhaps the standout feature of the F360+. The dash cam can install in two different vehicles. You get two sets of everything (except the lens) so that it becomes easy to switch the dash cam from one car to another.

Full HD: the F360+ records excellent full HD videos (1080P) during the day and at night.

Extra wide angle: the forward-facing lens has a viewing angle of 120 degrees. It can also rotate through 180 degrees.

Other features include 12MP still photos, 32GB support, ability to record very clear audio, discrete design and easy installation. Overall, the Falcon Zero F360+ HD DVR Dual could easily rank as the best dual cam in the market