Best Essential Oil for Back Pain


back painBack pain is having an impact on more and more people. It’s now one of the most common reasons that people call in sick which is something we should all be concerned about. More hectic lives coupled with stresses and impacts of daily life are having a very negative effect on our bodies, especially our backs.

At a time where our bodies are coming under more strain, more people are looking to essential oils to help. Users are showing significant benefits from certain essential oils and it’s leading to a growth in their popularity. Available readily online and in stores they’re the easy way to treat daily life issues.

Essential Oils for Back Pain

Back pain is generally caused by straining the muscles. We have thick layers of muscle in our lower back and when we put too much pressure on them by lifting heavy things the wrong way we can damage it. This generally isn’t too bad and will heal on its own in time.

Other more serious back pain issues centre around our discs. The discs on our back can bulge or be forced to move. This leads to them leaning on the sciatic nerve causing intense pain down the leg.

Spinal cord injuries and certain diseases can also cause back pain. This can be fleeting or chronic and may need some drastic treatment.

Back pain can be short term or a chronic condition and each person will know how severe it can get for them. You should always consult a medical professional but there are some home remedies to help with the symptoms and healing.

Specific essential oils and blends have been created to help deal with back pain. They’ve been designed to relieve the symptoms gently and help aid in the long term, gradually reducing the problem.

Key Ingredients

There are a lot of essential oils and blends on the market to help with back pain. They aren’t all as effective as others but we’ve identified the ingredients to look for to know you’re getting a good product:

Marjoram is often used to aches in the body and is specially used for backaches. Particularly effective on muscle tension it’s warming and soothing to the body, helping relax the affected area. It’s an anti-inflammatory and eases the joints making all movement easier on the body.

Basil is used to enhance the mood and give alertness, but is also great at relaxing tight muscles. Basil’s unique properties help loosen swollen muscles and relax them while boosting the immune system to help your whole body heal.

Eucalyptus (Globulus)
An old ingredient in essential oils, and one of the most effective, Eucalyptus has been shown to ease muscle pain. It helps reduce any stress in the joints and relaxes the body allowing you a full range of movement again.

These three ingredients are definitely ones to look out for when selecting an essential oil for back pain. On their own, or in a blend they have been shown to be effective at aiding in recovery and helping soothe swollen or aching muscles.

The right essential oil for you

If you find an essential oil that contains at least one of these ingredients then you could see some improvement fairly quickly. They’re all easy to find and some offer instant relief for the symptoms.

For more information and a complete list of essential oils for back pain relief then go to:

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